Whistleblowing outsourcing

We will take over the administration of the notification system, communication with whistleblowers and solutions for you so that all legal obligations are met.

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Why leave it to us?

All notifications will be handled by our attorneys and legal team. What's next?

Attorney's confidentiality

Receipt of notifications is provided by our authorized attorney

We monitor legislation

We monitor any legislative changes and decrees for you.

No penalties

Avoid responsibility for the wrong solution. Transfer all duties on us.

Always the right solution

We will send you right solution proposing for every case.

How does it work in practice?

Take a precise look under the hood of our work that we do in whistleblowing.

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Implementation and setup

We set up the internal reporting system and all channels for receiving reports. We will draw up an internal directive and check if everything is prepared correctly.

Receiving anonymous reports

Our legal team and attorneys will take care of receiving reports and communicating with the whistleblowers. We find out whether the report is justified or unjustified and inform the whistleblower as required by legislation.

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Legal supervision and expertise

We protect not only whistleblowers, but above all our clients. All reports are thoroughly handled by our legal team headed by attorneys-at-law. Thanks to lawyers, we protect you from notification obligations.

Solution design and archiving

We propose solutions according to legislation and we make sure that the law is fulfilled to the last detail. Resolved and approved reports are archived according to the law.

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We send our clients clear data regarding received and resolved reports. You have a perfect overview of your employees' feedback.

Whistleblowing without borders

We deal with whistleblowing simply and comprehensively. If you have a branch elsewhere than in the Czech Republic, we will take over all the responsibilities in every EU country for you.

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Don't worry about whistleblowing.

You can delegate all responsibilities and the entire administration to us.

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