Internal reporting system for state administration

Whistleblowing solutions for regions, cities, municipalities and state institutions. Easy implementation, fully in accordance with the EU Directive.

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What are the obligations?

Obliged entities must set up and operate an internal reporting system by 17.12.2021. The duties are described in the methodology of the Ministry of Justice and include:

Set up an internal reporting system

Receive reports in written, voice, or personal form

Communicate and resolve reports

Archive and avoid retaliation

Why is Whispero better than email or phone?

Reports from all channels go directly to the Whispero system. You don't have to physically archive reports in several places. In addition, Whispero is maximally secured and all data is encrypted.

Compliance with legislative obligations

GDPR compliant

Archiving according to the law

Maximally secured

Our awesome features
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Do you want to deal with the whistleblowing yourself?

You can solve the whistleblower protection agenda in the clear Whispero platform on your own. Implementation is simple and will help you meet all legal requirements.

Do you want to have everything taken care of?

If you do not have the time, capacity or interest to deal with the whistleblower agenda independently, our legal team will manage it for you.

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