Unlimited customization

Whispero offers any modifications directly in the application. Customize your texts, logo, user permissions or language of the entire application.

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Omnichannel coverage

Whispero will take care of receiving notifications from all mandatory channels


Phone notifications come directly to the app with a blurry voice


Email notifications, including attachments, come directly to the app

Web form

Simple submission of notifications or feedback. Encrypted and anonymized


Save the text of the letter into Whispero. You will meet legislation and archiving

Personal meeting

Record a face-to-face meeting with Whisper, or rewrite and save it directly in the app

Voice reports

Whispero also accepts voices with a blurred audio track

Anonymous reports

Communication with whistleblowers is encrypted and completely anonymous. We can't see into its content either. In this way, we protect not only the whistleblower, but also you so that you always meet specific legislative requirements.

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Unlimited number of users

Communicate in Whisper not only with whistleblowers. Add your attorneys, approvers, or team of investigators. Each of the users has their own permissions and you can manage them directly in the system.


Let Whispero work for you. We automatically monitor legal deadlines, send notifications when changes in notifications, and you can also set up automatic messages for even easier communication.

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Archiving according to the law

The Whispero app also serves as a legal archive. Notifications are clearly in one place, anonymous communication with the whistleblower is always guaranteed and everything is in accordance with GDPR standards.

Whistleblowing without borders

Whispero supports a multilingual interface so that all employees, regardless of nationality, can report.

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Security first

The web application is secured by the highest possible protection. The servers are stored in the EU, all data is encrypted and we use advanced cryptographic encryption methods.

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